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The Roots of Ripley by KA Laity
The Roots of Ripley by KA Laity


A Walk in the Dunes by John Bowie
A Walk in the Dunes by John Bowie



‘If Bukowski wrote hard-boiled crime it would be Transference.’ – Ross Jeffery, author of Juniper

‘It leaves you punch drunk and stumbling around on your feet – hard-hitting and oh so good. Perfectly blends hard-boiled crime with poetic beauty with prose that is intoxicatingly hard to swallow. This is the rise of what I believe will be a powerhouse in crime writing for years to come.’ – Storgy Magazine

‘If you like taut, lyrical, gritty noir, then Transference is for you… I don’t often read books in one extended sitting – but this was just too good to put down!’ – Mark Newman, author of The Crime Syndicate Series

‘So many great lines followed by greater lines. Transference is a bleak, beautiful ode to Manchester.’ – Stephen J Golds, author of Glamour Girl Gone

‘John Bowie’s ’90s set Untethered is a violent and intense read. Lyrical, moody, funny and as gritty as hell.’ – Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns of Brixton

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