STORGY BOOK REVIEW: Untethered by John Bowie

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BOOK REVIEW: Untethered by John Bowie

Is there a crime at all or an elaborate plot for John Barrie to fall into?

John Bowie is a writer for Bristol Noir Publishing and his crime novel does not disappoint, its 186 pages are packed full of deceit, human depravity and surprisingly dark humour.

”I would definitely recommend this crime novel and John Bowie as an author, and look forward to reading his next book.”

John Barrie has been given a new identity under the Witness Protection Programme.  He is a drunk, with a dull job and seemingly an all-round unpleasant guy with a dark past.  John is accosted by his neighbour to find his girlfriend, who has mysteriously disappeared; as a result John feels he can make it as a private investigator and find Cherry . . . [read more here]

Reviewed by Amanda Brightman


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