UNTETHERED [Dreams of Future Memories]: Black Viking Thriller #1 by John Bowie

Due Sept’ 2020 with RED DOG PRESS.


Untethered‘ is a semi-autobiographical crime noir, exploring themes of identity, isolation and the damaging effects of drink, depression and PTSD.’

John’s bored in his witness protection program in Bristol. A disturbed ex-SAS soldier, he searches for meaning at the bottom of many a glass and madness sets in. Then the cryptic messages arrive.

One note comes with a knock on his door and a chance to find a missing girl; to start over again… as a private investigator.

Meanwhile, his therapist encourages him to put his demons on paper; to write it all out. As John battles with his past, could this writing lead him to find the girl, his future and maybe even love?

And will also be vailable in all good bookshops, online and for Kindle:

Set in 1998 in Bristol, England, Bowie’s dark, hard-edged crime novel inaugurates a promising series. ‘– Publishers Weekly

‘Noir fans will find a lot to like.’ – BookLife

‘He is able to capture the raw emotion of balancing on the glorious Clifton Suspension Bridge, delving into the murky underworld of Bristol’s clubs, to being sprawled across a Welsh beach.’ – Amanda Brightman, STORGY.COM

TRANSFERENCE [Love+ Hate in Rain City]: Black Viking Thriller #2

Out soon with RED DOG PRESS.


As clubbers in Manchester’s most notorious club partied hard in the 90s, a girl collapsed, falling from the stage after a bad pill.

Few noticed.

Those that did, didn’t care – lost in a hedonistic haze.

John Black, an ex-SAS soldier, who was working security that night, carried her out in his arms.

Now on witness protection for exposing the city’s underworld after the girl’s death, he goes back to the city that disowned him – to confront the orchestrator of his pains…and reclaim his lost identity.

‘If Bukowski wrote hard-boiled crime it would be Transference.’ – Ross Jeffery, author of Juniper

Transference is a bleak, beautiful ode to Manchester.’ – Stephen J. Golds, Author of Glamour Girl Gone

‘If you like taut, lyrical, gritty noir, then Transference is for you… I don’t often read books in one extended sitting – but this was just too good to put down!’ – Mark Newman, author of The Crime Syndicate Series

‘It leaves you punch drunk and stumbling around on your feet – hard-hitting and oh so good.’ – STORGY MAGAZINE