OUT NOW: Transference [ Love + Hate in Rain City ] by John Bowie

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Out Now – Transference (Love + Hate in Rain City) by John Bowie


‘If Bukowski wrote hard-boiled crime it would be Transference.’ – Ross Jeffery, author of Juniper

Transference is a bleak, beautiful ode to Manchester.’ – Stephen J. Golds, Author of Glamour Girl Gone

‘If you like taut, lyrical, gritty noir, then Transference is for you… I don’t often read books in one extended sitting – but this was just too good to put down!’ – Mark Newman, author of The Crime Syndicate Series


TRANSFERENCE (Love + Hate in Rain City)

Black Viking Thriller #2


‘There was something to the city’s essence, even within the threats, weather and attempted mugging, it felt even more like home. A false sense of security maybe, and a love of the dank, dark brutality of the place. It always came through. With each step the city touched my already tainted heart. It came in the air from the breweries I breathed, and in the stained bombed cracked pavements I walked over — again and again it all came back to me.’

‘There they stood; two mass halls of residence blocks of teenagers and twenty-somethings, pre-loaded sacrificial lambs sent off by parents eager to get them out of the house. All had new bank cards, loans, computers and TVs. The blocks, inhabited by these students, were easy pickings for those in the poor surrounding council estates. Both buildings were fourteen storeys of ‘pick and mix’ treats to anyone dead-set on getting in, on robbing the inhabitants…or to throw themselves off the top to an unflinching ground below.’

‘I ordered and took a drink. A stained built-in bench in the corner was all there was left. No familiar threats hid there — that I could see. All just driftwood floating harmlessly underwater, breaking apart one whiskey at a time. And, a travesty representation of the criminal underworld; all whose time had passed.’

‘Again, I moved forwards on the road to nowhere, and everywhere. Chewing gum speckled tarmac and concrete as broken slabs became my anti-red carpet to welcome me in. The urban conveyor belt to hell — in resolution and revolution.’

‘I’d heard her screams on the tape. And I’d seen her photo in the police file: those eyes carrying an infinity of love lost. That pain — frozen in time.’

‘She was no different in her cell (the only name for it). She was made a prisoner in the moment of the boy’s drop. Her eyes, like tunnels to nowhere, looked black; hollow and savage-looking. Staring out the window through a wall of rain. I knew she’d loved him. What else could have done that to her… only that can. Or fear. She sat in her little two by three meter cell staring out into her memories.’

OUT NOW: Transference by John Bowie
OUT NOW: Transference by John Bowie


As clubbers in Manchester’s most notorious club partied hard in the 90s, a girl collapsed, falling from the stage after a bad pill.

Few noticed.

Those that did, didn’t care – lost in a hedonistic haze.

John Black, an ex-SAS soldier, who was working security that night, carried her out in his arms.

Now on witness protection for exposing the city’s underworld after the girl’s death, he goes back to the city that disowned him – to confront the orchestrator of his pains…and reclaim his lost identity.

‘Bowie’s writing is lyrical, moody, funny and as gritty as hell.’ – Paul D. Brazill

‘Dark, hard-edged crime noir.’ – Publishers Weekly



‘With an inner life complex enough to sustain future books. Noir fans will find a lot to like.’ – Publishers Weekly

‘…its 186 pages are packed full of deceit, human depravity and surprisingly dark humour.’ – STORGY

‘John Bowie’s ’90s set Untethered is a violent and inense read. Lyrical, moody, funny and as gritty as hell, Untethered is like a British blend of Jim Thompson and Nelson Algren.’ – Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton

‘It’s a loopy surreal fever dream of a novel, a dark, disorienting Moebius strip of people and places that are not always what they seem.’ – The Thrilling Detective

‘As a girl’s disappearance takes him through the pubs, clubs and the seedier side of the city, John discovers that the secret to the case might lie with him – his past and his very identity.’ – Crime Fiction Lover

‘This book is amazing. A modern noir classic with gritty characters and a very realistic plot. The author puts you right in the front seat of a bus speeding through the 90s Bristol club and pub scene. It’s really vivid, you will experience every pint and punch as if you were really there on the dance floor when it’s way past ‘respectable 0 clock’. The book is a complete story in itself but I can’t wait for a follow-up. The main character is destined to be a literary hero somewhere between Philip Marlowe and Patrick Bateman.’ – Amazon Reviewer

‘John Bowie’s ’90s set Untethered is a violent and intense read. Lyrical, moody, funny and as gritty as hell.’ – Good Reads Reviewer

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