POEM: The Duke by John Bowie

Feature Image: poem, The Duke by John Bowie
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The Duke has no time for dogma;
sees through the lies and facts.
The Duke eyes another place
of realities between the layers;
time, space
our place in the stars.

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REVIEW: Man of the World by Paul D. Brazill

Review of Man of the World by Paul D Brazill
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Man of the World is out now with All Due Respect, who are purveyors of mighty fine low life literature. Brazill’s book felt a bit like if Guy Ritchie had directed The Ladykillers (1955 version)… It’s a Brit-Grit belter laced with music to die for. Concentrated razor-sharp dialogue, lyrical dynamics and poetry are all in …

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INTERVIEW: Paul Heatley (author of Bad Bastards)

Interview with Paul Heatley author of Bad Bastards
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A short interview with Paul Heatley, author of An Eye for an Eye series, Fatboy, Motel Whore (& other stories) and Bad Bastards which is out now with FAHRENHEIT PRESS. ABOUT PAUL HEATLEY ‘Paul Heatley writes noir. His fiction is dark and bleak, populated with misfits and losers on a hellbound descent, often eschewing genre …

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