REVIEW: Bad Bastards by Paul Heatley

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Indie punk publisher Fahrenheit Press produce noir gems, passionately disrupting the industry and marketplace en-route. Paul Heatley’s ‘Bad Bastards’ embodies this spirit perfectly inside and out.

A dark noir stripped of fat; beautifully crafted and presented – punching primal buttons relentlessly with each word – it’s visceral, fierce and harsh.

Raw punchy lines deliver optimum pulp fiction at the ideal length. It’s mean and gritty, with heart…some poetry to the core too. Think Bukowski ‘On the Road’ with Jim Thompson… And then some.

Having read Heatley’s work before, there’s a (David) Lynchian tone that I personally find with it and love as well.

A beautiful thing inside and out. In fact I’ve had several people ask me about it when reading it out and about. When done I was torn between adding it to my favourites shelf alongside James Sallis, Derek Raymond and Paul D. Brazill, or leaving it in my local (which has a book swap) for some other lucky barfly book nerd to find.

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