REVIEW: He Died With His Eyes Open by Derek Raymond

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‘A metaphysical and noir masterclass of a book.’ 

I hadn’t read any Derek Raymond or Robin Cook before. So, I had no or low expectations – I really enjoyed this though.
The police procedural felt irrelevant; an ambient background tool. The protagonist would have been as dark and on a mission if a P.I., writer or artist. That’s my style though so I likely read that into it.
Raymond makes clever use of tools that make the dead talk to and influence the minds and actions of his characters – with a hold over the reader too.

‘I loved the existential mind-play and tour of humanity’s dark side; such a rich and familiar territory.’

I ordered Raymond’s Factory #2 and a James Sallis (author of ‘Drive’ and wrote the intro’ to this book) one straight away.
Review by John Bowie, author of ‘Untethered’
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