SHORT STORY: The Pale Horse Rides by Andrew Davie

ANDREW DAVIE - The Pale Horse Rides - - Short Story

Mistress Tatiana wore a black leather bustier, smelled of lavender perfume, and sweat. She could have been anywhere from forty to sixty; her heritage, and her lifestyle, made it impossible to tell. She had platinum blonde hair and crudely applied caked-on makeup. A man wearing a tank-top t-shirt and boxers was on his hands and knees in the centre of the room. He had a horse’s bit was in his mouth and a saddle on his back.

SHORT STORY: Goldmine by Mark McConville

- Short Story - Mark McConville - Goldmine

‘He always told me to run, to become a scared animal, but I stood still and saw the blood trickle down from the ceiling onto the floor. I looked into the eyes of this behemoth like man who shouted into my ear.’

‘’Run like your life depended on it.’’

SHORT STORY: A Short Story by Stephen J. Golds

SHORT STORY - A Short Story - - Stephen J Golds

‘A women sat by a river once asked me “why?” I didn’t know what to say to her. I told her it was a good question and then I slit her throat. It’s not a hunger. Nor a thirst. It’s more like defecation. A bowel movement. Something that I need to do.’

SHORT STORY: Spun Pendulum by Gabriel Hart

a Short Story - the Spun Pendulum by Gabriel Hart

‘She stuck the note into her cleavage so they wouldn’t search the apartment any more than they needed to. It would all be right there. Blatant. Hopeless to argue about. Impossible to look away from. She wanted to make a statement, not a mystery.’

SHORT STORY: Saddle the Pale Horse by Andrew Davie

Andrew Davies SHORT STORY - Saddle the Pale Horse

Bagby ran a hand over his mouth and took a healthy pull of his beer. He knocked himself on his chest with his fist a few times, like he was jarring something loose, winced, and sat back. His arms folded over the booth’s backrest like stop motion flower petals opening.

“So, what’s up your ass?”

SHORT STORY: Behold the Pale Horse by Andrew Davie

Andrew Davie - Behold the Pale Horse

Jayson had put together a handpicked crew of capable but morally flexible people. Neither of them had previous military experience; one of them, Ocampo, had even served time. They wouldn’t win any medals or provide examples for a training manual, but Jayson didn’t care about that. He just needed for them to serve their purpose, and that they would most certainly do.

SHORT STORY: The Golem by Andrew Davie

Short Story - The Golem by Andrew Davie

Orlov had been putting the finishing touches on a newly upholstered couch when the phone rang. He picked up on the second ring. When K began to talk, Orlov flipped a switch near the base of the phone to scramble the signal and encode the conversation.